32" 4k TV for dual usage

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Is 4K suitable in a 32" TV?

People normally think that it is not appropriately to buy a 4K 32" TV. However, Mianhong(OPEE) does not think so because a 4K 32" TV has a potential dual usages. That is, a TV user can use it as a standard TV, such as watching some TV channels provided by digital signals, or watching Youtube/Netflix videos if the TV is a smart TV. However, a 4K combined with a 32" size TV would help a user save money, instead of buying an extra PC monitor. This 4K 32" TV can firstly serve as a TV, then secondly serve as a monitor.

a 4K 32" Dual usages - TV Mode / Monitor Mode

If a person is sitting in front of his/her desk with 30 cm, then there will be a distance to a monitor from 50cm to 80cm. First, a 32" size monitor is enough for this distance since he/she does not need to move the head around. If there is a 40" instead, it is annoying and tiring to move the head around. In addition, 32" size is suitable for a bedroom, if the user is sitting on a bed. He/she can enjoy content  as well as save the space with a 32" device.

On the other hand, 4K is the necessary cornerstone to boost up the eyes' experience. Notice that there is an unit called "Pixel per Inch(PPI)". For a 1080P 32" device, there are about 70 pixels per inch, while for a 4K device it is doubled(About 140 pixels). A higher PPI stands for a richer detailed display quality. Maybe 4K resolution is not necessary in a 24 inch device, but it will be potentially necessary in a 32 inch device because our eyes will easily catch the pixel block on screen.

In conclusion, a TV with 4K resolution and 32" screen size is a good choice for those who want to use it as a TV and monitor together. The 32" provides a balanced viewport and the 4K resolution provides better performance for eyes. Mianhong(OPEE) provides and produces such 4K 32" TV, with 3000 pieces daily using 3 production lines. If you are interested and think "4K + 32inches" is a trend in the future, welcome to contact us.