Advantages of Having LED TVs

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Advantages of Having LED TVs

We all have been hearing about LED TVs, recently, which are predicted to be the next big thing in home entertainment and consumption. However, a lot of people still do not know much about them. There are various models available and each one of them comes with a different price tag. But the main question that still lingers in the mind of people is - what is an LED TV? And why is it so much more superior than any other television like the LCD TV? Well, the answer to the above two questions lies in a combination of LED technology, slim design, high color resolution, widescreen feature, good audio quality, and several other features.

One of the biggest advantages of the LED TVs is that they consume far less power as compared to the traditional flat LCD TVs. The LED TV consumes just 60 watts of power, which is almost half of what the LCD TVs require. Another advantage of the LED TVs is that they are much lighter compared to the lcd tv; this is because they contain a very small liquid crystal chip which enables them to be much thinner. This is also one of the reasons why leading televisions are known as edge-lit.

The LED television technology uses a special type of backlighting, which generates a very intense light that produces a very bright edge on the TV screen. These edge-lit LEDs produce a greater level of bright light than the normal full LED backlighting. Another advantage of the edge lighting of the LED TVs is that they can produce greater color resolution than the normal full LED backlighting because of the nature of the backlighting. This means that the images seen through the edge lighting are more colorful, sharp, and well resolved than those of normal full LED backlit televisions.

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