Comparison: ATV vs DTV vs IPTV

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Analog TV vs Digital TV vs IPTV

Hi, today Mianhong will introduce and compare different types of TVs, analog TV, digital TV, and IPTV. 

Again, Mianhong is a TV OEM factory with 12+ years experience. Mianhong produces analog TV, digital TV and IPTV with various sizes and resolution. Mianhong goal is to provide the best TV products so customers can enjoy colorful TV channels.

In this article, Mianhong will mentional these products as reference: ATV, DTV, IPTV

Analog TV

Analog TV is the most traditional TV after the black/white TV. An analog TV receives analog signal and parse the analog signal into readable visual signal by humans eyes. Remember, television is a complicated system that reproduces/restores live or recorded images and audio signal to a remote place. From the frontend, which produce analog TV, some machines will be producing analog signal in order to let the TV(backend) parse the signal. NTSC, PAL, and SECAM are the major 3 analog system. All of them are unique regarding to scanned lines, frame per second, voltage to activate RGB nodes. For example, the NTSC system requires 525 scanned lines and 60 frames per second. 

Digital TV

Digital TV aims to solve the disadvantages of analog TV. Up to 2023, many countries get rid of using analog TV. Analog signal is not stable. In an analog communication, in order to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, it is necessary to amplify the attenuated transmission signal in a timely manner during the signal transmission process, and the noise inevitably added during the transmission process is also amplified simultaneously. As the transmission distance increases, the accumulation of noise increases, leading to a serious transmission quality. With the usage of digital signal, this problem will be solved. In addition, the digital signal is unified and customers does not need to worry about the regulation of  NTSC, PAL, and SCEAM. However, some TVs can receive and read analog and digital signal simultaneous. 


IPTV is the trending type of TVs because it only requires a network, whether RJ45 port or a WIFI network. With an IPTV, customers can enjoy TV channels with network only, instead of installing a TV satellite dish.


If you are a distributor, it is important to understand the market and TV system in your country. Some countries have banned digital TV because digital signal is not controllable and the people can illegally watch unwanted channels. If you are interested, please refer to Mianhong and we will discuss about the market.