How to choose the right TV size?

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How to choose the right TV size?

How to choose the right TV size? Actually, there is not a completely unified best answer to this question, because considering that different people have different preferences, different living environments, and different consumption budgets, it is very It is difficult to generalize. However, no matter what the actual needs are, there is always something to learn from other people’s experience. Here are a few points for you to summarize:


1. According to the consumption budget

Before buying large-scale home appliances, most people have to ask their wallet affordability, so the first thing you can do is to see what kind of products you can buy within your consumption budget.


2. Consider the appropriate size according to the room environment

In addition to considering the economic capacity, it is very important to determine the room's accommodation limit based on the actual living environment. Faced with the rapidly skyrocketing housing prices, every square foot of space is hard-won, and the furnishings of the living room and bedroom are not completely free to do. I finally bought a new large-screen TV and went home, and found that it was so close that I couldn't fit it, so I was depressed. Therefore, for those whose living room is not too spacious, it is necessary to remind you that before buying a machine, measure the maximum width and height of the TV.

If the place is large enough, the range we can choose is naturally relatively loose. At this time, we can roughly estimate which size class model is relatively suitable based on the viewing distance. It can be viewed for a long time, neither because of the screen. Too small and the picture is not clear, the font is not obvious, and it will not cause too much pressure due to the large screen, and the eyesight will be tight and the eyes will be used too much. It is recommended that friends who plan to buy a machine should go to a home appliance store to experience it in person, and try to fix a machine for about 10 minutes under the conditions of a considerable distance to determine the screen size that they can accept.

According to the different sizes of current mainstream TVs, in order to let everyone watch TV more healthily, the following two ratios are divided into two ratios to summarize the best viewing distances for flat-panel TVs of various sizes. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


(1) The best viewing distance of 4:3 TV

Nominal screen size, actual screen size, screen height, best viewing distance

14 inches 12 inches 12×1.524=18.288cm55-92cm

21 inches 19 inches 19×1.524=28.956cm 87-145cm

25 inches 23 inches 23×1.524=35.052cm105-175cm

29 inches 27 inches 27×1.524=41.148cm 123-205cm

34 inches 32 inches 32×1.524=48.768cm146-244cm

38 inches 36 inches 36×1.524=54.864cm165-274cm

43 inches 42 inches 42×1.524=64.008cm192-320cm

50 inches 49 inches 49×1.524=74.676cm224-373cm

60 inches 59 inches 59×1.524=89.916cm270-450cm

(2) The best viewing distance of 16:9 TV

Nominal screen size, actual screen size, screen height, best viewing distance

28 inches 26 inches 26×1.245=32.37cm 97-162cm

32 inches 30 inches 30×1.245=37.35cm 112-187cm

36 inches 34 inches 34×1.245=44.82cm134-224cm

42 inches 41 inches 41×1.245=51.045cm153-255cm

46 inches 45 inches 45×1.245=56.025cm168-280cm

50 inches 49 inches 49×1.245=61.005cm183-305cm

60 inches 59 inches 59×1.245=73.455cm 220-367cm