LCD LED Television - Why Should You Get One?

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LCD LED Television - Why Should You Get One?

It seems like everyone and their brother is pushing the use of an LCD LED TV these days. But why do people buy them? And is it really worth it to spend that much money on something like this? Before I dive too deeply into answering those questions, I'll first explain what an LED television is. Basically put, LCD LED TV is an LCD TV with an integrated LED backlight, rather than normal fluorescent lighting.

Instead of normal lighting, LEDs are housed behind the large, clear viewing angles of these models. When you compare a normal flat screen monitor with a VA panel TV with a normal bulb/composite, you can definitely see the difference in viewing angles. So why should you purchase an lcd led tv instead of a normal one? To answer those questions, you need to understand exactly how LED's work. This is largely due to the fact that these TVs use the new generation LCD chips which offer greater display resolution, increased contrast ratio, and a better response time to gaming and movies.

Once you get over all those advantages, then maybe you will have a change of heart and realize that normal lcd tvs are just as good if not better. I know that when I got my lcd tvs, I was very hasty to buy them. But after owning my lcd tvs for a few weeks, I began to realize that they actually had some disadvantages. For example, my wife noticed that the colors on our TV were a bit dull and even occasionally had a streaked look to them. She also mentioned that sometimes when she changed her position in her couch, her favorite show would get lost in translation somewhere. These were minor things, but I definitely learned my lessons and I think I'm a much better person because of it.

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