LED TV Buyer's Guide

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LED TV Buyer's Guide

Many people are asking if LED and LCD TVs work the same way and which is better. Both these television models use an electron beam technology called Light Emitting Diode or LED technology. The LED television models first appeared in the 1980's and are still very popular. Today the majority of new televisions sold have LED backlighting. One of the main reasons for this is the improved image quality created. Both LED and LCD televisions can be used for many different purposes however they do have their differences.

An LED television has the ability to have a higher peak brightness and a much wider color spectrum than an LCD television. Another advantage that LED and LCD televisions have is their energy efficiency. They use less energy than the average flat screen television. LED and LCD televisions use about half the electricity required by a standard television to achieve their peak brightness and their range of color spectrum is even greater than the best flat screen televisions. Flat screen televisions produce very limited range of colors while LED and LCD televisions can display an amazing spectrum of colors which makes them great for any home.

The biggest advantage that LED and LCD televisions have over traditional screen technologies is their energy efficiency. LED television panels can save a lot of money on power over the lifetime of the television. Another advantage is their bright picture quality. The light emitted from LED and LCD screens is so bright that it makes the picture quality far better than what you would get from a regular television. You should always take into account the amount of light that a television panel is capable of emitting. If you place a big object in front of one of these panels you will find that the light emitted from them will wash out most of the objects in front of it.

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