Possible reasons for frequent disconnection of smart TVs

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Possible reasons for frequent disconnection of smart TVs

When using a smart TV, everyone seems to be able to encounter the failure of the smart TV to connect to the network. When checking the broadband, the connection is still normal, so what is the reason for the frequent disconnection of the TV or the box wireless network? Today, the editor will analyze and analyze with you, and seek to provide solutions.


1. Heat Dissipation In summer, due to the increase in temperature, if the TV or box is in operation for a long time, if the heat is not released in time, it will easily lead to internal overheating problems, resulting in disconnection or thermal protection. The cause of this situation may be poor position of the vents or poor heat dissipation of the TV due to prolonged dust accumulation. At this time, it is recommended to clean the vents and do not pile too much debris near the machine to affect the heat dissipation.


2. There is a problem with the wireless router. The router is old or the firmware version is too low, which may cause the wireless network to be unstable and often disconnected. At this point, you can find the latest firmware of the corresponding model on the Internet to complete the firmware upgrade.

Third, the hardware aging problem caused by long-term use of parts loss, it is easy to make the TV or box operation unstable, leading to an increase in the probability of problems. In this case, only replacement of parts or direct replacement of the entire set of equipment.


4. The wired broadband connection with signal interference source can be used, but wifi cannot. In this case, observe whether there are signal interference sources near the router, such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, etc. These devices will affect the signal, so that the TV or box cannot receive the full-frame signal well, which may cause the wireless network to disconnect when the network fluctuates. At this time, you can move the position of the router. It is best to place it in the middle of the house, in a higher and open place, without obstruction, so that the signal is stronger and the divergence is farther.

5. System reasons After the TV or box is upgraded, there may be some bugs, which may cause the equipment to fail to operate normally. At this time, you can only perform downgrade operations, or find system patches to install, fix bugs at the software system level, and resume normal operation. Since Mianhong is a ODM/OEM TV Factory, we can do a pre-test for the customers who want to upgrade the OS.

6. For an analog TV or a digital TV which relies on the satellite receiver, it is necessary to move around the receiver for a quick test. If the signal is strong resulting in a better and stable display quality, it is probably an issue due to the signal field of the statellite receiver. It order to fix this, be ready to test the signal field at home, including removing some signal-blocking items or changing the location of TV and receiver.