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2023: 32 Inch LCD TV With QLED VS DLED

The television industry is continually evolving, offering consumers a plethora of choices when it comes to display technologies. Two popular options on the market today are DLED (Direct LED) and QLED TVs. Both technologies have their unique strengths and weaknesses, which can significantly impact the overall viewing experience. In this article, we will compare and contrast a 32 inch LCD TV with DLED and QLED, shedding light on their features, picture quality, energy efficiency, and pricing.

About Mianhong

Mianhong is a 12+ years experience OEM TV Manufacturer and Mianhong has built many relationships with global partner around the world. In this article, Mianhong 32 Inch LCD QLED Product would be compared.

Picture Quality:

When it comes to picture quality, DLED and QLED TVs take different approaches. DLED TVs make use of an array of LEDs placed directly behind the screen. This feature allows for localized dimming and better control over contrast and black levels. On the other hand, QLED TVs utilize a layer of quantum dots that enhance color reproduction and brightness levels. This results in vibrant and accurate colors, making QLED TVs stand out in terms of overall visual appeal.

Contrast Ratio and Black Levels:

DLED TVs excel in delivering a superior contrast ratio and black levels due to their localized dimming capabilities. With precise control over individual LEDs, regions of the screen can be dimmed or completely turned off, resulting in deeper blacks and enhanced contrast. In contrast, QLED TVs, although offering excellent colors, can sometimes struggle with black levels due to the inherent limitations of the LED backlighting technology.

Color Accuracy and Wide Color Gamut:

QLED TVs have a significant advantage in color accuracy and wide color gamut. Thanks to the quantum dot technology, these TVs can display a broader range of colors, ensuring accurate representation of shades and hues. Additionally, QLED TVs performs wider color than gamut due to the higher similarity to natural light. Humans see color via reflection from the natural light, mostly from 400 nm to 700 nm. However, a DLED TV only reproduces a portion of natural light, which is far away from the natural light we see normally. With QLED Technology, around 95% natural light is met so we are able to see a wider color gamut displayed from a QLED TV product.

Thinness and Sound Quality:

Since QLED and DLED technology will only impact the backlight part of the TV, it is safe to ensure that QLED and DLED can be the same regarding to thinness and sound quality. In other words, for a same TV model, there are no differences for the dimensions for a QLED and DLED TV.


QLED TVs are trending and hot in 2023 because they perform much better with slightly an extra cost, compared to a standard DLED. If you are interested to make an inquiry, welcome to contact Mianhong and we are happy to help you choose the best QLED product with our proud OEM Service. DLED TVs are also Mianhong mature product and DLED TVs are more commerical.