TV maintenance knowledge

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TV maintenance knowledge


1. Don't turn off the TV frequently. It may be for convenience or to save power. Some people have the habit of frequently turning off the TV. When the switch is pressed, the TV will turn off and the screen will be black. However, such behavior will cause great damage to the life of the TV-the preheating and high-voltage pulsed cathode electronic material when restarting will greatly shorten the life of the lamp. In order to prolong the service life of the TV, everyone should not switch the TV frequently!

2. Turn off and plug the HDMI socket. HDMI is a digital video/audio interface technology, which is basically used on all TVs! In case of TV failure, many people will choose to re-plug the HDMI socket, but improper operation will cause damage to the interface. ! The HDMI interface does not actually support hot plugging. If it is directly plugged in or unplugged in the power-on state, it is easy to burn the HDMI interface chip. So please make sure that the TV is turned off before you can unplug it.

3. Keep away from magnetic field materials TV body or do not place objects with magnetic fields such as microwave ovens, large speakers, etc., because the magnetic field of these objects will interfere with and magnetize the TV and reduce the service life of the TV.

4. Don't disassemble it by yourself. When the LCD TV fails, you may want to disassemble and check it yourself to show your hands-on ability. But! This! Very! Very often! Dangerous! Danger! Because even in the off state, there may still be high voltage current in the TV's background lighting components, direct contact can cause serious personal injury.  On the other hand, wrong operations may also cause temporary or even permanent damage to the display screen. And once you disassemble the LCD TV by yourself, you will probably no longer enjoy the after-sales service due to human reasons. Don't lose too much!

5. Screen cleaning and wiping If you find stains on the surface of the display, you can gently wipe it off with a soft cloth moistened with a little water. Do not sprinkle water directly on the surface of the display. Water entering the LCD will cause the screen to short-circuit. When wiping, the force should be light, otherwise the screen will be short-circuited and damaged. LCD screens are coated with special coatings, so that the screen has a better display effect. If the hairspray, alcohol, mosquito killer, etc. used in daily life are accidentally sprayed on the screen, this special coating will be dissolved, causing damage to the liquid crystal molecules and the entire screen, resulting in shortening the life of the entire TV. Therefore, try to avoid contact with moisture and chemicals.

6. Use the TV for half an hour every day as a precision electrical appliance. It is best to turn on the TV for half an hour every day in a humid environment (especially in Huinan in Guangdong), and use the heat of the TV to drive away moisture, which can effectively prevent the internal parts from rusting.