The Benefits of an LED TV and Smart TV

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The Benefits of an LED TV and Smart TV

The LED TV is an innovation that brings new color and picture quality to your home theater. It is the next evolution of the fluorescent-lit LCD TV. Compared to a regular television, LED TVs are cheaper to buy and install, and their color and resolution are far superior. However, you must note that an LED TV will have lower contrast than an LCD. Therefore, an LED TV should be able to provide a better picture, but the price is significantly higher.

The most important benefit of LEDs is the ability to individually turn off each pixel. As a result, they do not have the 'bloom' effect that happens when an object is bright. Unlike LCDs, LEDs do not suffer from local dimming. This is another benefit of an LED TV. These TVs are much more likely to fit your budget and specifications.

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Another advantage of an LED TV is its low power consumption. LED televisions use light-emitting diodes instead of fluorescent bulbs, which consume more energy. Moreover, an LED screen of 32 inches will only use 10 watts compared to a comparable LCD display. The power consumption difference will increase with the size of the display. Compared to fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes are thinner and are thus less expensive to manufacture.