Tips for Using TV Correctly

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Tips for Using TV Correctly

In daily life, if there is no TV in the family, it seems to me that life has lost its color. TV enriches our amateur life and delivers positive energy. When watching TV, it relaxes one's mind. So in the normal use process, the TV also needs some correct use skills.

1. Pay attention to the distance between the eyes and the TV screen. Choose a larger screen, the viewing effect will be better, but also consider the appropriate viewing distance. Generally speaking, the normal viewing distance of TV is: 50-inch TV should be kept at about 2m, 55-inch TV should be kept at about 2.5m, 65-inch TV should be kept at a viewing distance of about 3m, and 75-inch TV should be at a viewing distance of 3.5-4m.

2. Pay attention to the daily cleaning of the TV. It is essential to remove the dust from the TV body. The power of the TV must be cut off before cleaning. The dust on the screen needs to be wiped gently with a damp and soft cloth. Rough cloth should not be used to avoid scratching the TV display.

3. Try to avoid using the TV in harsh environments. We should not use the TV in harsh environments, including humidity, dust, overheating, strong magnetic fields, etc., and long-term continuous use. These conditions will aggravate the loss of electronic components of the TV. And aging. Therefore, try to avoid direct sunlight on the TV. It should be placed in a cool place, away from water sources and humid environments. Pay special attention to the southern sky.

4. Avoid collisions with the TV during use. TVs should avoid collisions during our daily use. Because of the electronic particularity of the TV screen, any impact or scratch on the TV screen will cause direct damage. If it is serious, it will Will cause the entire screen to be scrapped directly.

5. Try not to install third-party application software of unknown origin. These third-party application software may contain viruses, causing the TV to be paralyzed and unable to turn on. Subject to the officially released application.

6. Regularly clean up the memory garbage.

7. When the TV is turned on, do not do any plugging or unplugging operations on it, which can easily cause system breakdown or damage to electronic components.