What Are the Dimensions of a 17 Inch TV?
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What Are the Dimensions of a 17 Inch TV?

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A 17 inch tv is rare, with a screen size of approximately 34.5 cm wide and 25.9 cm high. This is the screen size, and the total size will be slightly larger. The width and depth will also vary, depending on the model. To find out the dimensions of a 17 inch television, read the description below. The dimensions given are the actual screen size, and the overall size of the TV will be slightly larger, as the frame and depth will vary.

The Vitron HTC 17-inch digital led TV comes with one HDMI and one USB port. The screen provides an advanced viewing experience, with true-to-life colours and clarity. With the sleek design and excellent aesthetics, this TV will perfectly blend into your home decor. Its advanced colour technology ensures that all your content will be displayed in a crystal clear way, no matter what you're watching.

The Vitron HTC 17-inch digital LED TV features an inbuilt set-top box to receive free-to-air broadcasts. The channels can be enjoyed in high-definition quality, meaning that you don't have to pay a monthly subscription to a television service provider. The Vitron TV is designed to be the hub of the home, offering entertainment for all age groups. From kids' programmes to sports and music channels, this television covers every need.

The lock system helps protect your television from accidental touch. The TV will detect the latest firmware through the DTV signal, and upgrade automatically. You can set a new password by pressing the 'OK' button in the main menu. Then, turn the TV off before you connect the USB storage device. Afterwards, you can turn the TV back on. This step will restore the settings to their factory defaults.

The revolutionary 17-inch LED HD TV is packed with features that help you enjoy every minute of watching your favourite programmes. Its high resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio make it the perfect companion for your home entertainment needs. You can even connect your gadgets with this TV using the two HDMI ports and VGA port. This TV has an excellent picture quality and a high contrast ratio of 1200:1. Its 50/60 Hz refresh rate means that you can enjoy sharp, clear pictures without causing any visual fatigue.

You can buy this 17-inch LED HD Ready TV from Jazacart, a leading online store for electronics. Its ultra slim design and high-quality body make it a great purchase for your home entertainment system. With a range of features, this model will suit your needs in style and durability. Here are some other features of this product. If you're looking for a new HDTV for your home, look no further.

This TV can be controlled from the service menu. You can use the service menu to lock or unlock keys, adjust voice and image accuracy, adjust input source, and adjust other internal settings. There are various ways to access this menu. If you don't see any information, you can call up customer support to learn more about it. You can also restore the factory settings by entering the service menu codes. The keypad is also a convenient place to access the user manual.

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