What is an LCD TV?

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What is an LCD TV?

An LCD TV is a flat panel television that produces an image by selectively blocking the backlight. The screen is then illuminated by either microLEDs or organic LEDs. These newer technology is more energy efficient and has a wider range of color capabilities. However, some downsides of LEDs have led to consumers avoiding them in favor of LCDs. While LCDs are more expensive, they can be a great option for many people.

An LED TV uses hundreds of tiny LEDs instead of just one, providing a multi-shade image. As a result, the screen continues to consume power even after it is plugged in. This means that the cost of an LED TV is much less. But you'll want to choose a LED TV if you're looking for a more energy-efficient device. They're also more energy-efficient than conventional fluorescent displays, so make sure you check the energy efficiency of your new TV before you purchase it.

LCD TVs have more features than LEDs. For example, most come with smart features. These technologies let you stream content straight to your TV. However, you must connect your TV to the internet to take advantage of these new features. Most LCD TVs also come with HDR capabilities, which allow you to view a specially-coded content at high brightness. These advanced features can make your viewing experience even better! So, if you're looking for the biggest screen, the LCD is definitely the choice.

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