What is the reason for the black screen of the TV

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What is the reason for the black screen of the TV

1. Backlight problem

The power of the TV is turned on normally, and the indicator light is flickering, but the TV has a black screen, then the backlight of the TV will not light up, that is, the high-voltage board is malfunctioning. The reason is simple, that is, the fuse is burned or the switch chip has a problem.

Solution: buy a new insurance and replace it. Of course, if there is a problem with the switch chip, you need to find a professional maintenance person to overhaul the chip.


2. Power supply problem

At this time, you need to carefully check whether the power supply circuit of the TV is malfunctioning. Normally, the panel buttons will not respond, and the TV indicator will not light up. At this point, you need to use an electric meter to check whether the voltage of the power supply is too low. At the same time, check the input problem of the power supply circuit and check whether the 12V voltage has changed to 5V, because this is also a common reason for the black screen of the TV. .

Solution: Install a voltage stabilizer to ensure that the TV's voltage is stable. Of course, if the power circuit fails, the input of the power circuit needs to be adjusted to ensure that the voltage input to the TV is normal.


3.component failure

In addition, there is another very important reason for the black screen of the TV, that is, the TV components have malfunctioned, such as: high-voltage inverter or control triode empty welding.

Solution: At this time, you need to eliminate the problematic components one by one, and replace the faulty components, so that the voltage can return to normal. This kind of failure is not uncommon. It is usually caused by an insurance burn or a failure of the voltage regulator chip, and we only need to replace the relevant parts.