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TV resolution

What is resolution?

Resolution is a unit that measures how clear we can see from a screen. The screen can be from our TV, phone, laptop, or any devices with a digital display interface. How do we measure it? Bascailly, resolution is made by lots of "pixels". A single "pixel" can display one of the colors, then these different pixels combine together to display an image we can see.

Why resolution is important for us?

Resolution directly shows how clear an image is. The normal standard we use today is 720P(HD), 1080P(FHD), 4K(UHD). Below, here are a table of how resolution is used in a TV.


Resolution Pixels 
720P (High Definition)
1280 x 720 = 921600 
1080P (Full High Definition)
1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600
4K      (Ultra High Definition) 3840 x 2160 = 8,284,400 

As the resolution of a TV increases, we can get a pure image. If we get used to a 4k TV, then we will be uncomfortable to watch a 720P TV because we feel "unclear" from what a 720P TV show to us.


A large size TV with 4K resolution is gorgeous

Is higher resolution good for us?

In general, if we are looking for a theater-quality TV, it is recommended to have a TV with at least 1080P resolution. However, a 4K TV needs an excellent network before it works properly. If we are watching a 4k-source blue-ray movie, it will cost 50 - 90 Gbs space or a 10Mb/s download speed to support it. On the other hand, if we only use a 4k TV to watch local television, then we may consider whether the local carriers are hosting a 4k-source video.


Resolution is always an essential parameter before we make decision to buy TVs. We are always chasing a better life quality so a higher-resolution TV is always a better choice than our current TV. However, before we truly make this step to buy a higher-resolution TV, we will have to consider if our network speed is sufficient. Guangzhou Mianhong electronic technology Ltd produces different resolutions of TVs, recommending products below for startup customers.